Brooding Winter

Brooding Winter

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"In the depth of winter,
I discovered that within me lay an invincible summer." 
~ Albert Camus 
How appropriate it is, 
This entire season,
dedicated to the posture 
of brooding.
{of deep internal thoughts.}

The process of grieving, 
Or simply withdrawing;
A season of dormancy
and retreating.

Mirrored in nature, 
are truths about us:
The seasons hold the keys for how we process emotion.
A necessary stage, 
within the cycle of life.

Put on display for us in the natural,
we learn the need for our own winters of life;
{our own moments of retreating and processing,} 
Only to return with a renewed sense of understanding,
upon the heels of an internal dive,
into the deeper places.

We learn from winter to sit with the hard things,
till we find ourselves on the other side.