Though primarily self-taught, Casia Joy received training in impressionistic painting at the age of 13, and an AA in Fine Arts in 2013. Drawn to the textures, movement and intuitive nature of impressionism, she continues to utilize these tools, throughout her work by incorporating them into her heavily mixed-media reliant style.
Casia has always been compelled to create from her need to process and understand both her external environment and internal world. 
Her art reflects this desire to understand the collective and individualistic perception & interaction each culture has with our world, as well as her connection with the divine. She uses her art to dialogue about things that have a deep spiritual significance to her. Because of the responsive nature of her work, she has developed a skill for celebrating and incorporating unplanned & uncontrolled moments into her paintings.
Casia has taught art privately, publicly and in classrooms, and her art is on display in different homes in at least 5 different Nations. In 2016 she participated in a 9 month art residency in Norway, during which she developed a new series entitled “Rest,” where she explores different aspects of what it means to rest using oceanic backdrops that are contrasted with transparent looking line-work overlays. Since her residency, the “Rest" series has been on display in three solo exhibitions. Most recently Casia's work has been inspired by a seven month van tour during which she and her husband explored many of USA’s National Parks. Her works have begun to explore capturing the sensory experiences of a given moment through abstract imagery, as well as using illustrative flora and fauna as spiritual symbols throughout her pieces.



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